21 Dec 2010, Inauguration of Osho Divine Garden at Champa, Chattisgarh, India

A beautiful garden/park has been setup in Osho Ashram, Champa.
“Osho Divine Garden” was inaugurated by Sw Anand Arun on 21 Dec. This special occasion was attended by more than 1000 Osho lovers and sannyasins from India & Nepal. This garden has been valued by everybody as a place of attraction for all at large.
We thank Sw Gyan Ekant for creating such a beautiful space for meditation and celebration.
Sw Anand Arun shared his wisdom titled “how to live a blissful life”. The talk was followed by question answer session where Sw ji lovingly shared Osho’s vision. He said “blissful life is the beginning of spirituality”.
Next day sannyas initiation was celebrated where 5 friends took sannyas.


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